Pandemic Songs

Pandemic Songs was released on September 4th 2020.  These songs were all written between March & June during the lockdown due to Coronavirus.   

They celebrate life in lockdown and the endurance of our key workers and highlight the failures of the government only too well.  

The album is available on CD (distributed by Cargo Records) and was recorded in a socially-distanced environment with a pared-down version of the Irregulars: John Forrester on bass and vocas, Arvin Johnson on drums, percussion & Spanish guitar and Fae Simon on vocals.   


  • Saint Mary
  • Monday Afternoon in the Paris House
  • 422
  • One More Lockdown Day
  • 5373
  • 89p
  • Disinfectant
  • The Highlight of my Week
  • All the Bells were Ringing
  • Lockdown Jokes & Stories
  • Victory In Europe
  • The Days We Don’t Forget
  • In Palmeira Square
  • Big Floyd


Another fine album from one of the country’s finest songwriters” Dai Jeffries, August 2020, – Click here to read it

If you’re looking for a musician articulating the truth, inequality + absurdity of what we are experiencing right now + still leave you with hope, then this is for you” – Spillers Records: 1st August 2020 on Twitter

“Pandemic Stories proves that the pen and guitar are indeed mightier than the sword, and cannot be recommended highly enough” David Pratt, August 2020, Fatea Records – read it here 

“This is an album that captures the time, the essence of the months waiting, wondering, wishing. For me, the resonances were palpable. The observations, the commentaries, responses to the situation by Robb Johnson struck more than a note. And they will with so many. Listen to this album and make sure that these were The Days We Don’t Forget. Excellent.”  Richard Hollingum, 27th August 2020, Folk Radio – click here to read it in full.

A Soundtrack To 2020 Fusing Satire With Razor Sharp Wit.”


In years to come they could play this album in school history lessons to hammer home the dreadful situation and devastating consequences on the entire world in 2020.”  Jack Kidd “Messin’ with the Kidd”, 31st August, – read full review here

If ever there was an artist, though that was made for the task, it is Robb Johnson. “Prolific” doesn’t even come close to explaining the Londoner, but he is one of the finest political songwriters that has ever graced these shores.” Andy Thorley, Septe,ner 25th 2020 Maximum Volume Music – click here for the full review 

At least, one of only a few songwriters left who dare to have an opinion and speak out!” – Folk World German website see here for the full review

And finally, “It’s not very good” review by Garth Cartwright at Songlines – see it here