Gigs 2020/2021

As with every other performer Robb has been affected by the lack of live music opportunities over the last year. He has partially filled the gap with his weekly Sunday zoom show. ‘Live at the Hove Palladium’ as well as a regular slot on Labour Grassroots and a few one-offs.

Most of the Hove Palladium shows are free, but there is a virtual hat passed around for anyone that wishes to contribute. Occasionally, there will be a ticketed gig whereby it’s not the Hove Palladium as we know it (Robb’s backroom), but a fuller band recorded together –  yet remotely and even some studio sessions. These gigs are usually bundled with exclusive recordings / discounted merchandise and offer as close to the live experience as we can muster in these times.

The most recent ticketed event was on 20th of December – the annual ‘Humbug’ gig, featuring John Forrester on bass and double bass, Fae Simon on vocals, Tim Sanpher on electric guitar, Simon Wallace on piano, Linz Maeserosa on Sax and the  Banderos (Lawrie Stevens, Bethan Prosser and Jon Mason)

Here are a couple of examples of Sunday Night at the Hove Palladium gigs (which can all be found on Robb Johnson (Official) Facebook page

Firstly, Pandemic Songs and secondly, Forgotten Songs.

In August, Robb performed a combination of his compositions Gentle Men & Ordinary Giants – a family history 1890-2020 across 3 consecutive weeks.  See the videos below: