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Robb Johnson, A Break in the Clouds

Man Walks Into a Pub


Charlie’s watering the mud
He’s got this plastic watering can
It’s half as big as his friend Zack
He has to hold it with both hands.
And so he’s watering this mud
He says “I’m going to grow a tree,
It’s going to grow up to the sky
It’s going to be as big as me”

Little people, big ideas.

Charlie says to Zack
“Now we need to paint it blue”
Zack and Charlie paint the mud
And Kazse joins in too.
Imo watches thoughtfully
Cos Kasze’s paint is sort of red
And as the mud turns sort of purple
“It will be beautiful,” she says

Keep on watering that mud, Charlie
Ok, sometimes it ends in tears
But then sometimes you might end up, Charlie,
On the Galapagos islands...

Now Nathan’s watering the mud
and half the kids are growing trees
and half the kids are making rivers
That one day make it to the sea.
and Kerry wants to paint the walls red
and finds an acorn green as spring
We dig a hole in Charlie’s mud
and drop tomorrow’s oak tree in...

A true story, not even the names have been changed, I just scribed the dialogue and the events and shuffled some rhymes in. The middle eight refers of course to Charlie Darwin; he would have been a five-year-old once, seeing what happens when you pour water onto mud. The amazing thing about working with four- and five-year-old people is you see immediately that they are all amazing, we are all amazing, with such an innate capacity to think, imagine, reason, invent, experiment... and for kindness too. Again, contemporary culture and the media have no interest in this whatsoever, and so growing up becomes the process of learning to be stupefied. 


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